Carbon Neutrality


Our mission is to create awesome eyewear that has little to no impact on our environment. The approach we have taken is offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions associated with every step of our business cycle, from the factory to your doorstep. We have a few awesome partner organizations that help us accomplish this.


We have chosen to partner with eco friendly companies like Sendle and Ecodrive to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with our business model. Each organization uses various carbon offset approaches to negate the carbon footprint of every single BluViz product's production and delivery.



At the end of each month we take the revenue from each order and reinvest into low income communities in Madagascar. Each order not only funds the planting of a mangrove tree but works to alleviate poverty by providing workers in these communities a wage. More information on the Eden Reforestation Project, the final destination of our investment, can be found here.

Sendle calculates the highest carbon yield number of each BluViz package based on its size and reinvests in carbon offset projects accordingly. Some of their latests projects are conservation in Australia, wildlife restoration in the United States, and rainforest conservation in Peru.